Terms And Conditions

This Agreement is entered into by and these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) shall regulate the relationship between STERLINGTRUSTFINANCE and the user (a natural or legal entity) (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) of WWW.STERLINGTRUSTFINANCE.COM (hereinafter referred as the “Website”).
1. Terms
1. The Client confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted all information, conditions and terms set out on the Website which are open to be reviewed and can be examined by the public and which include important legal Information.
2. By accepting this Agreement, the Client agrees and irrevocably accepts the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, its annexes and/or appendices as well as other documentation/information published on the Website, including without limitation to the Privacy Policy, Payment Policy, Withdrawal Policy, Code of Conduct, Order Execution Policy and Anti-Money Laundering Policy. The Client accepts this Agreement by registering an Account on the Website and depositing funds. By accepting the Agreement, and subject to the Company’s final approval, the Client enters into a legal and binding agreement with the Company.
3. The terms of this Agreement shall be considered accepted unconditionally by the Client upon the Company’s receipt of payment made by the Client. As soon as the Company receives the Client's payment, every operation made by the Client on the Trading Platform shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement and other documentation/information on the Website.
4. The Client hereby acknowledges that each and any Operation, activity, transaction, order and/or communication performed by him/her on the Platform, including without limitation through the Account, and the Website, shall be governed by and/or must be executed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and other documentation/information on the Website.
5. By accepting this current agreement, the Client confirms that he/she is able to receive information, including amendments to the present Agreement either via email or through the Website.
6. A client that is a legal entity can register with the Company not through the Website but by sending an email with its request to STERLINGTRUSTFINANC@GMAIL.COM All terms and and conditions contained herein, including without limitation to 1 to 5 above, shall at all
times be applicable to the Legal Entity and the latter shall conform with such terms and conditions, obligations and rights at all times.
1. Account – means a unique personified account registered in the name of the Client and which contains all of the Client’s transactions/ operations on the Platform
2. Execution - means the execution of Client order(s) by the Company acting as the Client's counter party as per the terms of the present agreement.
3. Financial Instruments - means the Financial Instruments as per packages that are available on the Company’s Trading Platform.
4. KYC documents - means the documents to be provided by the Client, including without limitation to the a copy of the passport or ID and utility bill of the Client, in case it is a natural person and/or certificates showing the management and ownership going all the way up to the ultimate beneficial owner, in case it is a legal entity, and any other documents the Company may request upon its sole discretion.
5. Market - means the market on which the Financial Instruments are subject to and/or traded on, whether this market is organized / regulated or not and whether it is in St. Vincent and the Grenadines or abroad.
6. Operations – means actions performed at the Client’s Account, following an order placed by the Client, connected with but not limited to crediting of funds, return of funds, opening and closing of trade transactions/positions.
7. Prices - means the prices offered to the Client for each transaction which may be changed without prior notice. Where this is relevant.
8. Trading Platform - means an electronic system on the internet that consists of all programs and technology that present quotes in real-time, allow the
placement/modification/deletion of orders and calculate all mutual obligations of the Client and the Company.

2. Subject of the Agreement and Services
1. The subject of the Agreement shall be the provision of Services to the Client by the Company under the Agreement and through the Trading Platform.
2. The Company shall carry out all transactions as provided in this Agreement on an execution-only basis. The Company is entitled to execute transactions requested by the Client as provided in this Agreement even if the transaction is not beneficial for the Client. The Company is under no obligation, unless otherwise agreed in this Agreement and/or other documentation/information on the Website, to monitor or advise the Client on the status of any transaction, to make margin calls, or to close out any of the Client’s open positions. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the Company is not obligated to make an attempt to execute the Client’s order using quotes more favorable than those offered through the Trading Platform.
3. a. Investment services
i. Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more Financial Instruments.
ii. Execution of the orders on behalf of the Clients.
iii. Dealing on Own Account.
b. Ancillary Services
i. Safekeeping and administration of the Financial Instruments for the Client’s Trading Account, including custodianship and related services such as cash/collateral management.
ii. Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction.
iii. Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of the Investment Services.
The Company does not provide investment, tax or trading advice unless specified as such between the Client and the Company in a separate agreement. Our services include ‘execution only’ meaning that the Company will act on your instructions and will not advise you on any transaction, nor will we monitor your trading decisions to determine if they are appropriate for you or to help you avoid losses. You should obtain your own financial, legal, taxation and other professional advice. The Investment and Ancillary Services which the Company should provide under the terms of the Agreement are stated below, and the Company will provide them in its capacity as a market maker under the terms of this Agreement. In addition, the Company may, at its sole discretion without providing prior notice to the Client, decide to transmit orders and/or be an intermediary for Clients’ transactions. The Services that the Company provides in relation to one or more Financial Instruments are the following (the list below shall not be regarded as exhaustive):
4. The Company shall facilitate the execution of trade activities/orders and/or transactions of the Client but the Client hereby acknowledges and accepts that the Company shall not at any time provide any trust services and/or trading consultation or advisory services to the Client.
5. The Company shall process all transactions/Operations of the Client in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and on an execution-only basis. The Company shall not manage the Client’s Account nor advise the Client in any way.
6. The Company shall process the orders/transactions requested by the Client under this Agreement irrespective of whether such orders/transactions may result in not being beneficial for the Client.
7. The Company shall not be financially liable for any operations conducted by the Client through the Account and/or on the Trading Platform.
8. Each Client shall be the only authorized user of the Company’s services and of the corresponding Account. The Client is granted an exclusive and non-assignable right to the use of and to access the Account and it is his/her responsibility to ensure that no other third party, including, without limitation, to any next of kin and/or to members of his/her immediate family, shall gain access to and/or trade through the Account assigned to her/him.
9. The Client shall be liable for all orders given through his security information and any orders received in this manner by the Company shall be considered to have been given by the Client. So long as any order is submitted through the Account of a Client, the Company shall reasonably assume that such orders are submitted by Client and the Company shall not be under any obligation to investigate further into the matter. The Company shall not be liable to and/or does not maintain any legal relations with any third party other than the Client.
10. If the Client acts on behalf of any third party and/or on behalf of any third party’s name, the Company shall not accept this person as a Client and shall not be liable before this person regardless if such person was identified or not.